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Acuvim Advanced Power & Energy Meter by Accuenergy

Manufacturer: Accuenergy
SKU: Acuvim
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Input400 Vac L-N, 690 Vac L-L
Accuracy Class0.2S
I/O OptionCT:80mA, CT:100mA, CT:200mA, CT:333mV, CT:1A, CT:5A
Mounting OptionIntegrated LCD Display, Din Rail Mount Transducer Without Display
FunctionalityCurrent, Energy, Frequency, Power, Voltage
CT Input5A / 1A: Field-Configurable CT Input, 333mV: CT Input, 80/100/200mA: Field-Configurable CT Input
Power SupplyP1v3: 100-415Vac 50/60Hz, 100-300Vdc, P2v3: 20-60Vdc
CommunicationBACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP, Ethernet, FTP, HTTP, Mesh Wireless, Modbus RTU, Modbus/TCP, PROFIBUS, RS485, SMTP, WiFi
Supply Voltage20~60 Vdc, 100~300 Vdc, 100~415 Vac


Accuenergy Acuvim II series of high-end multifunction power and energy meters are the ideal choice for the monitoring and controlling of power distribution systems

  • The Acuvim II series may be used as data gathering devices for intelligent power distribution systems or plant automation systems
  • All monitored data is available via a digital RS485 communication port running Modbus RTU and DNP 3.0 protocols
  • Additional communication options
    • Modbus
    • Ethernet
    • Profibus DP
    • BACnet
  • With its flexible, modular I/O and communication options, the Acuvim II series is a versatile and cost-effective metering solution
  • Models
    • Acuvim II: Basic Model
    • Acuvim IIR: II + Data Logging
    • Acuvim IIW: IIR + Waveform Capture and PQ Event Logging
  • Mounting Options
    • D: LCD Display (Panel Mount Meter/Transducer
    • M: Din-Rail Mount Transducer without Display (Optional Remote Display Available)
  • Current Input Options
    • 5A: 5A/1A Input field selectable
    • mA: 80ma/100mA/200mA Input field selectable
    • mV: AcuCT Flex Rogowski coils or 333mV
  • Supply Power
    • P1: 100-415 Vac, 50/60 Hz 100-300 Vdc
    • P2: 20-60Vdc
Part NoModelDisplayInput TypePower Supply
Acuvim IIR-D-5A-P1v3Acuvim IIRYes5A/1A100-415V
Acuvim IIR-D-mA-P1v3Acuvim IIRYes80/100/200mA 100-415V
Acuvim IIR-D-mV-P1v3Acuvim IIRYesAccuCT Flex Rogowski Coils or 333mV100-415V
Acuvim IIR-D-5A-P2v3Acuvim IIRYes5A/1A20-60Vdc
Acuvim IIR-D-mA-P2v3Acuvim IIRYes80/100/200mA20-60Vdc
Acuvim IIR-D-mV-P2v3Acuvim IIRYesAccuCT Flex Rogowski Coils or 333mV20-60Vdc
Acuvim IIR-M-mV-P1v3Acuvim IIRNoAccuCT Flex Rogowski Coils or 333mV100-415V
Acuvim IIR-M-mV-P2v3Acuvim IIRNoAccuCT Flex Rogowski Coils or 333mV20-60Vdc
Acuvim IIW-D-5A-P1v3Acuvim IIWYes5A/1A100-415V
Acuvim IIW-D-mA-P1v3Acuvim IIWYes80/100/200mA100-415V
Acuvim IIW-D-mV-P1v3Acuvim IIWYesAccuCT Flex Rogowski Coils or 333mV100-415V
Acuvim IIW-D-5A-P2v3Acuvim IIWYes5A/1A20-60Vdc
Acuvim IIW-D-mA-P2v3Acuvim IIWYes80/100/200mA20-60Vdc
Acuvim IIW-D-mV-P2v3Acuvim IIWYesAccuCT Flex Rogowski Coils or 333mV20-60Vdc
Acuvim IIW-M-mV-P1v3Acuvim IIWNoAccuCT Flex Rogowski Coils or 333mV100-415V
Acuvim IIW-M-mV-P2v3Acuvim IIWNoAccuCT Flex Rogowski Coils or 333mV20-60Vdc