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What are Hall Effect Current Sensors Used for?

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Hall effect current sensors appear in countless industrial and commercial applications. From power plants to automotive engines, such devices are essential for detecting and monitoring current levels. With their accuracy and reliability, hall effect current sensors are a great option for many projects. Let’s find out what their purpose is. 1. The Hall Effect Hall […]

The Pros and Cons of Using Hall Effect Current Sensors

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Hall effect current sensors use various components to monitor current. The components inside may contain amplifiers along with their sensing elements. The sensing elements rely on a central magnet and use a trigger to sense and compensate for magnetic field variations caused by a wire’s current. Hall effect current sensors have pros and cons associated […]

The 3 Most Common Places to Find Hall Effect Current Sensors

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Hall effect current sensors are used for a variety of applications. One of the benefits of Hall effect sensors is their small size, which allows them to be used in very small electronic devices. According to Electronic Design, these sensors have built-in compensation, which enables them to take reliable measurements across wide temperature ranges of […]

A Brief Overview of the Hall Effect

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When a conductor is placed in a magnetic field, the charge carriers are deflected by the magnetic field’s action on the conductor body. The Hall effect is the name given to this action and is one of the most frequent methods for measuring magnetic fields. American scientist Edwin Hall discovered the Hall effect in 1879, […]

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