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Rotation­ Direction­ Monitoring for Heat Pumps

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Rotation­ Direction­ Monitoring for Heat Pumps This week we are continuing to look at different applications of Aim Dynamics’ products with a post from TELE Haase about monitoring rotation direction in heat pumps. It is important to protect heat pumps against rotation in the wrong direction. If the phase sequence is incorrect, the pump must […]

Catching the Sun!

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The most basic, yet important, part of photovoltaic cell (PV) installation is getting the modules to convert the most solar energy possible. PV tracking systems are used to achieve this. They follow the sun’s position throughout the day, exposing the cell to maximum light. Seamless motion of the panels is absolutely necessary to prevent damages […]

Using TELE Haase Products for Energy Measurement of Wind Generators

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Measuring the energy of wind generators or small hydro-power plants can present a significant challenge. Since wind turbines confront variable frequencies at alternating current, they require measuring instruments designed for this purpose. The TELE S6XM50A1000VM and S9XM300A1000VM are the perfect meters for small and medium wind turbines or small hydroelectric power plants. The RMS measuring […]

Using Relay Monitors for Emergency­ Lighting Systems

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In today’s post on the Aim Dynamics blog, we’re looking at an application of TELE Haase voltage relays in facility management. Emergency lighting systems must be activated when the lights fail in public buildings, such as schools or hospitals, due to under-voltage. To achieve this, a voltage relay can monitor the 3 phases of the […]

Creating an Energy Management Solution for the Recycling Industry

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Today we have a post from Vincent Ferreux of Alter&Coop, who used J&D Multi-GEM 18 meters from Aim Dynamics to create an energy management solution for the recycling industry. Alter&Coop is a French cooperative that develops energy efficiency and solar panel solutions. A year ago, we developed an entire Smart Energies Management solution for the […]

Monitoring the AC Current of the Power Supply of a Fusing Machine

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This week our guest post is from René Ariyama Cantu, who worked with GST Autoleather on a project that involved monitoring AC current. Read more about René’s experience below. Current Transformers (Current Sensors) allow us to monitor the behavior of the electric current of any electrical system. For our project, we used a DCT-0016-100 by […]

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