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How Rogowski Coils Work

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Named after their inventor, Walter Rogowski, the Rogowski style of coils were first developed in 1912.  They basically function as a measurement tool that determines the current moving through a conductor that has been inserted within the flexible Rogowski loop.  Rogowski coils allows the observer to accurately examine the changes in current over a given […]

DC Voltage Output CT Comparison

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If you need an Adc to Vdc transducer, you’ll want to compare the Magnelab DCT series and the Sentran Corp 4DS series.  To help you do this, consider the following chart: *May be customized. As response time decreases, ripple increases, and vice versa As you’ll see from the chart above, the Sentran 4DS can be optimized for […]

What is a UL Listed Current Transformer versus a UL Recognized CT?

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When it comes to current transformer (CT) requirements, approvals and registrations can cause quite a headache for inspectors and installers. Sifting through different products and components to decipher certifications and seals can be quite a challenge, which is why knowing the difference between a UL Listed current transformer and a UL Recognized current transformer is so […]

New Modbus Meter Video Available

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We’ve posted a new video of Victor Fehlberg going over the DTS-307 Modbus meter and its features. Click below to watch. Here’s the transcript: Hi, I’m Victor Fehlberg with Aim Dynamics and today I’ll be showcasing the DTS-307 series. Measurlogic’s DTS-307 is a very compact and lightweight meter. It weighs about a quarter of a […]

UL Listed Current Transformers Now Available

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I’m happy to announce that Aim Dynamics has partnered with Sentran Corporation to provide exciting new lines of UL Listed current transformers.  Sentran Corporation is known for its ability to produce top-of-the-line current transformers and current transducers.  Aim Dynamics now carries a large stock of their products.  You, the customer, gets the best of both […]

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