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BACnet: What is It and What Benefits Does It Offer? How is it used in Building Automation?

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BACnet protocol is an important part of various automated building control systems, and it is something that needs to be fully understood. If you are new to automated building systems or have never used this protocol before, it is important you comprehend it fully. In this way, you can get the crucial insight you need into this protocol and better understand how it benefits you and your business.

How Rogowski Coils Work

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Named after their inventor, Walter Rogowski, the Rogowski style of coils was first developed in 1912.  They function as a measurement tools that determine the current moving through a conductor that has been inserted within the flexible Rogowski loop.  Rogowski coils allows the observer to accurately examine the changes in current over a given period. […]

Regular to Revenue Grade Current Transformers: The difference is in the dollars

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Not all AC current sensors are created equal. Some are able to measure energy usage with acceptable accuracy, while others can pin down your energy bill to within 0.2%. What makes a Revenue Grade Current Sensor? Typically, current transformers are available in two accuracy classes: standard (or regular) CTs, as well as revenue grade CTs. […]

New Modbus Meter Video Available

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We’ve posted a new video of Victor Fehlberg going over the DTS-307 Modbus meter and its features. Click below to watch. Here’s the transcript: Hi, I’m Victor Fehlberg with Aim Dynamics and today I’ll be showcasing the DTS-307 series. Measurlogic’s DTS-307 is a very compact and lightweight meter. It weighs about a quarter of a […]

New Website Launches

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Aim Dynamics launched its new website last Wednesday. The new website, in addition to a more professional look and feel, is designed to help users find current sensors and current transducers more easily. The new site features a left-hand navigation menu that will guide users in the selection of their CT by selecting an input […]

Benefits of Using Power Sensing Technology

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Without power sensing devices like current sensors, inefficiencies in almost all industries would be more difficult to keep under control.  Here are three key benefits of using power sensing technology: Safer Businesses Any industry or business should prioritize safety above all. Hazards and potential injuries are significantly increased in businesses which greatly consume electricity, such […]

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