Digiware TE Series Solid-Core CTs by Socomec

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Product Description

The TE series of solid-core CTs by Socomec are revenue grade current transformers for use with the Digiware Monitoring System.  They can be used to monitor from 5 to 1000A and come in 5 sizes:

TE-18: 8.6mm opening, from 5A – 63A
TE-25: 13.5mm opening, from 40A – 160A
TE-35: 21mm opening, from 63A – 250A
TE-45: 31mm opening, from 160A – 630A
TE-55: 41mm opening, from 400A – 1000A

The TE series is designed so that the CTs can be interconnected to make a linear assembly when used with the coupling link.

See also our split-core (TR Series) Digiware CTs as well as our flexible (TF Series) Digiware CTs.

Zusätzliche Information

Size / Amp Rating

TE-18 5A, TE-18 20A, TE-18 63A, TE-25 160A, TE-35 250A, TE-45 630A, TE-55 1000A, TE-90 2000A