DIRIS DigiBOX Revenue grade enclosed single & multi-point metering solution by Socomec

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Product Description

DIRIS DigiBOX by Socomec

Socomec’s enclosed metering line DIRIS DigiBOX is designed to offer a complete and modular metering solution in NEMA1/3R enclosures for indoor and outdoor use. With ease of installation for retrofit applications and factory pre-wired Plug & Play technology, DIRIS DigiBOX solutions provide considerable savings in installation costs.
NOTE: Please call +1 (303) 772-6100 if you are interested in this unit but would like further customization.

Zusätzliche Information

DigiBOX Version

DigiBOX, DigiBOX Pro

Metering Points / Current Inputs / Metering Modules

1 / 4 / DIRIS B10, 1 / 4 / DIRIS B30, 4 / 12 / DIRIS Digware, 6 / 18 / DIRIS Digware, 8 / 24 / DIRIS Digware

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No Display, With Display, Display & Gateway