Closed Circuit Hall Effect Sensor – HT500M from Telcon

Product Description

This closed-circuit Hall Effect Sensor by Telcon takes a signal of 500A and outputs a corresponding 250mA signal.

The closed-loop Hall Effect Sensor by Telcon is used in very precise applications, the rapid response of the signal proportional to the measured primary current (AC or DC). The HT500M is suitable for panel mounting. It has a 2000: 1 ratio, outputting 250mA at 500A. The output signal current type will reflect the primary current type (AC> AC or DC> DC). The sensor opening is 26mm.

Rated for continuous operation 500A, the HT500M offers high accuracy, high bandwidth and high electrical insulation. Its weight is 112 grams. It has 0.1% linearity and 0.65% accuracy in general.

The HT500M is UL listed, File No. E198118

Note that the Telcon HT500M ships with the mating connector (when ordered from Aim Dynamics)!

When searching for compatible power meters to this high accuracy DC current sensor, look for DC meters on our website that accept an Adc input. These meters will show the following symbol as the input:

DC Amperage

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Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht0.2 lbs
Größe2.6 x 2.2 x 2.2 in