LF 510-S Closed Loop Hall Effect Device by LEM


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Closed loop Hall effect, 500A

Artikelnummer: LF 510-S
Product Description

The LF 510-S by LEM is a closed loop Hall effect device designed for the measurement of DC, AC and pulsed currents up to 800A.

oThe LF 510-S has a primary nominal rating of 500A and can measure up to 800A DC or AC.  A bipolar 15 – 24Vdc power supply is required.  The LF 510-S Hall effect current transducer is 0.5% accurate (0.1% linearity) and outputs 100 mA at the rated current.  The diameter is 30.2 mm.

The LF 510-S can measure DC current and pulsed currents, as well AC frequencies up to 200 kHz (-3 dB).  It has a fast response (0.5 µS) and uses closed loop Hall effect technology (compensation) for maximum accuracy.  These devices have been evaluated for over voltage category III and pollution degree 2 environments.

Note that the LF 51o-S (when ordered from Aim Dynamics) ships with the mating connector!  There is no need to try and specially order the connector, only to get the wrong one, delay your project, etc.

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