4-20 mA Output CT – MCT-0016 by Magnelab


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Product Description

Magnelab’s MCT-0016 is a 16-mm 4-20 mA Output CT that transforms an AC current to a 4-20 mA signal.  It is available in 10A, 20A, 50A and 100A input ratings.

This 4-20 mA Output CT is powered from the 4-20 mA DC loop circuit. In most cases a loop voltage of 20 VDC is sufficient to power the device.  However, if you are using a shunt in the current loop to generate a detectable voltage (e.g. 250 Ohm), you must take the voltage drop across the shunt into account. Of course you may also provide additional voltage to the 4-20 mA DC loop if necessary.

The MCT-0016 is +/- 2% accurate at full scale. It has a response time of 100 ms.

4-20 mA CTs are popular because they differentiate a fault condition from zero detection. With the MCT-0016, when there is no current on the primary, the measuring device will still see a 4 mA signal.  Similarly, at the rated current, the measuring device will see 20 mA.  However, when the loop circuit is broken for any reason, as you’d expect, the measuring device will see 0 mA, and the unit detects an error condition.

Because of this special ability to detect error conditions, 4-20 mA Output CTs are often used in control applications (you wouldn’t want to something to be controlled erroneously if the circuit was broken!).

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