Smart Plug Power Meter by Packet Power

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Product Description

Packet Power’s Smart Power Cables embed a wireless power monitor into power cables to allow for a true plug and play monitoring solution.

Simply plug the Smart Power cable into your device and the wireless monitor will immediately begin to communicate with the Packet Power Gateway (sold separately); no configuration or technical knowledge is needed. Each Gateway can support up to 150 Smart Cables and data can be extracted via Modbus TCP/IP, SNMP or exported directly to the Packet Power’s EMX cloud monitoring solution (separate contract required) where data is instantly available without any programming requirements. Smart Cables are available in just about any plug type in single or three phase varieties.

Save big on installation time with the Smart Cable.  No electricians or programmers needed.

Unsure which plug type you have?  Click here to find out.

Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht1 lbs
Größe12 x 2 x 2 in
Supply / Load Connectors

05-15 / IEC C13, 05-15 / 3 x 05-15, 05-15 / 05-15, 05-20 / 05-20, L5-20 / L5-20, 06-20 / 06-20, L6-20 / L6-20, 05-30 / 05-30, L5-30 / L5-30, 06-30 / 06-30, L6-30 / L6-30, L21-20 / L21-20, L21-30 / L21-30, L15-15 / L15-15, L15-20 / L15-20, L15-30 / L15-30, L22-30 / L22-30, C14 / C13, C20 / C19