5A Rope Coil – TCA-5-HV-KIT by Dent

Product Description

Dent’s 5A Rope Coil kit converts the low voltage made by a Rogowski coil into a 5A signal.

This 5A Rope Coil kit is a three-channel integrating transconductance amplifier (TCA) that converts the 131mV/1000A electrical output signal from the RoCoil current sensor to a 5 amp AC current, emulating a traditional current sensing transformer.

The RoCoil TCA-5 is factory-calibrated to work with DENT RoCoil CTs (131mV/1000A). The price shown is without the RoCoil CTs – choose a RoCoil size to get an updated price.

The RoCoil TCA-5 5A Rope Coil has four selectable current ranges: 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000A. The range is changed using a switch on the front of the device. A separate switch on the front is used to change the frequency between 50 and 60 Hz.

The wire that connects the RoCoil TCA-5 to the power meter is supplied by the user. Linearity and precision are maintained by using the correct output wire size.

The maximum allowable output impedance (or burden) of 50 mOhm plays a critical role in the selection of output wire size and the allowable distance between the power meter and the RoCoil TCA-5. See data sheet for the Output Impedance/Burden Table.

The RoCoil TCA-5 requires an external 48 VDC power supply for operation. Two versions of the power supply are available: a 120/240VAC „low voltage“ version and a 200/500VAC „high voltage“ version. This product is the high voltage version for use with 200/500Vac input power. See TCA-5-LV-KIT for the low voltage version (for 120/240Vac input).

The unit can be DIN or panel mounted and a 10″ section of TS35/7 DIN rail is included with the kit.

When shopping for a meter look for meters that accept a 5A input. They will show this symbol:

AC Amperage

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Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht5 lbs
Größe12 x 6.25 x 6.25 in