High Accuracy AC Current Sensor – UCT-1250 by Magnelab


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70-400 Aac input : 333 mVac output. 1.25″ opening

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Product Description

Magnelab’s UCT-1250 is a high accuracy AC current sensor with a 1.25″ opening.

The UCT-1250 complies with ANSI C57.13 0.6 Class and has a phase angle measurement better than 1˚. The output is controlled by a precision resistor fixed at the industry standard of 0.333 Vac. The rugged epoxy encapsulated construction comes with 8′ twisted leads.

This high accuracy AC current sensor is frequently used in:

  • New installation
  • Cost allocation
  • Precision power monitoring
  • Laboratories

When using high accuracy AC current sensors like the UCT-1250, be sure when buying a meter to find an ANSI C12.20 Class 0.5S or better meter. The system is only as good as the weakest component!

Compatible power meters accept a voltage input.  Look for meters on our website that start with this symbol:


You can view all of our current sensors here.

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Gewicht0.332 lbs
Größe4.5 x 4.5 x 1.0 in