Socomec Digibox Power Monitoring Kit

Power monitoring has never been easier. Socomec’s DIRIS Digibox Kit is an easy-to-install enclosed metering solution that includes everything you need for on-site installation. Each kit includes a Socomec DIRIS A-40 meter, 3 Socomec plug-n-play current transformers with RJ12 cables for easy installation, 3 fuses, and a NEMA enclosure suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. The kit comes factory pre-wired, saving you time on installation, and is guaranteed Class 0.5 accuracy from 2% to 120% of the rated current.

Socomec’s DIRIS A-40 Meter

The DIRIS A-40 is a high-tech meter with a range of functions for measuring voltage, current, power, energy, and quality. The meter is equipped with a large LCD screen for ease of reading and intuitive navigation with clear buttons beneath the screen. One of the easiest to configure meters on the market, it offers:
– A configuration wizard guides user step-by-step and detects and corrects configuration errors.
– Automatic exporting of logged data for remote processing without limits on time or storage.
– Class 0.2 Accuracy.
– Your choice of Ethernet or Modbus RS485 output.

Three Plug-n-Play Split-Core Current Transformers with RJ-12 Cables

Installing CTs has never been so easy! Socomec plug-n-play current transformers come with RJ12 cables that easily connect the CT to the meter and are color coded to prevent installation errors. The meter can automatically detect the rating of the CT, making configuration a snap. Our kit is available with the following choice of CTs:
– 250A
– 600A
– 2000A
Watch our video explaining installing and configuring your Digibox Kit!The Socomec Digibox A Kit offers unparalleled ease of installation! Learn more about installing and configuring the meter in this short video.
Interested in the DigiBox’s web interface? Learn more about it here.The Digibox A Kit includes Socomec’s powerful software for remote analysis of meter readings. Learn more about what the web interface includes and how to use it in this video.