AIMH021 VT Unidirectional DC current sensor with +12Vdc Power Supply by Aim Dynamics

Descripción del Producto

The AIMH021 VT unidirectional DC current sensor measures up to ± 200Adc and outputs a corresponding + 5Vdc signal, and is powered by a +12Vdc power supply.

If you’re looking for a similar product to measure higher DC amperage unidirectionally, check out our AIMH040 VT  model. If you want a Hall effect that can measure AC & DC current, see our standard AIMH021 and AIMH040 series.

The AIMH021 VT DC current sensor has a 21mm opening and has been factory calibrated so that there is no offset noise voltage to compensate for.  The AIMH021 VT is powered by a +12 Vdc power supply (max consumption 30mA).  The AIMH021 is 1.0% accurate.

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50A, 100A, 200A