AIMH040 Hall Effect Sensor by Aim Dynamics


All AIMH devices require Active Power

Descripción del Producto

The AIMH040 Hall effect sensor measures up to ± 1000Adc and outputs a corresponding ± 5Vdc signal or a 4-20mA signal, depending on the model chosen.

The AIMH040 Hall effect sensor has a 40mm opening and has been factory calibrated so that there is no offset noise voltage to compensate for.  The AIMH040 is powered by a ±15 Vdc power supply (max consumption 35mA).  The AIMH040 is 1% accurate.

As with other Hall effect sensors, the AIMH040 can also measure AC frequencies, making it a popular choice when working with low frequencies that traditional CTs cannot handle.

You can purchase a ±15 Vdc power supply here.

Información adicional

Amp Rating / Output

500A -> ±5Vdc (in stock), 800A -> ±5Vdc (in stock), 1000A -> ±5Vdc (in stock), 500A->4-20mA unidirectional (2 days), 800A->4-20mA unidirectional (3 days), 1000A->4-20mA unidirectional (3 days), 500A->4-20mA bidirectional (4 wks), 800A->4-20mA bidirectional (4 wks), 1000A->4-20mA bidirectional (4 wks)