ATS Series (Digital Display) by NK Technologies

Descripción del Producto
ATS Series AC Current Sensors combine a current operated switch and transducer into a single package. The FL model features a digital display that gives visual indication of the setpoint for greater accuracy. The sensor provides a solid-state contact which will change state when the current exceeds an adjustable level or falls below the normal running current. This means reduced installation time, plus the option to have local control of a starter coil while at the same time sending the analog signal back to a controller housed in a separate cabinet.
  • Electronic Proof of Operation
    • Current operated switches eliminate the need for multiple pipe or duct penetrations and are more reliable than electromechanical pressure or flow switches
  • Conveyors
    • Detects jams and overloads
    • Interlocks multiple conveyor sections.
  • Pump Control
    • Provides signal to measure current and shuts down the pump if the current rises over a setpoint
  • Cooling Towers
    • Analog monitors time of use and contact opens if a filter clogs

Información adicional

Input Range Amprage

0-50 Analog, 1-50 switch adjustment, 0-200 Analog, 4-200 Switch Adjustment

Analog Signal Type

4-20 mA (powered by sensor), 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC

Output Contact

Normally Open, closes on current rise, AC control only, Normally Closed, opens on current rise, AC control only