BusWorks® 958EN Series by Acromag


Descripción del Producto

16-channel Single-Ended DC Voltage Input Ethernet Module.

These modules interface high-level analog input signals to an Ethernet control network. A high-performance design ensures reliable measurements and dependable operation.

The DB25 port provides a parallel connection to a rack of microBlox® uB analog input modules. The uB modules provide an isolated front-end with signal conditioning of up to 16 sensor signals.

Industrial-grade models add a configurable integrator/totalizer plus superior accuracy and temperature performance compared to the economical commercial-grade version.

Input Ranges: ±5V DC via DB25 port connection (default) or ±10V DC

Ethernet Communication: Modbus TCP/IP, 10/100Base-T(X)

Power Requirement: 18 to 36V DC, 2.0W

Approvals: CE, UL/cUL (industrial-grade units only) Zone 2, Class 1, Division 2, ABCD
Performance Specifications

958EN-4016 Accuracy: Less than 0.05% of range.
958EN-4C16 Accuracy: Less than 0.10% of range.

Input Impedance: 4M ohms.

958EN-4016 Operating Temperature: -40 to 70°C (-40 to 158°F).
958EN-4C16 Operating Temperature: 0 to 55°C (32 to 131°F).

Relative Humidity: 5 to 95%, non-condensing.

Isolation: 3-way isolation of I/O, power, network circuits.

Peak Isolation: 1500V AC, ANSI/ISA-82.01-1988.

Continuous Isolation: 250V AC, 354V DC.

Información adicional

Model Number

XT1111, XT1112, XT1113, XT1121, XT1122, XT1123, XT1211, XT1212, XT1213, XT1221, XT1222, XT1223, XT1231, XT1232, XT1233, XT1241, XT1242, XT1243, XT1531, XT1532, XT1533, XT1541, XT1542, XT1543