DS1 Series DC Current Switch by NK Technologies

Descripción del Producto
The DS1 Series Current Sensing Switches are designed to trip a solid-state contact when there is DC current through the sensor window. The sensor can be used to interlock two operations for safety. When one load is energized, the contact will keep another from also energizing. The power supply voltage and the controlled circuit voltage can be derived from a single source or separate sources. The monitored circuit can be any DC voltage and any amount of current as long as the conductor will pass through the window. The monitored circuit is completely isolated from the control circuit. If there is 3/4 of one amp through the aperture, the output will change state.


Current Sensing Switch Applications
  • As a safety interlock, it is a non-intrusive method to keep personnel safe.
  • Alarm contact when a load is operating or when it is not energized.
  • Detect PV system leakage by monitoring the earth bond conductor.
  • Use the contact to turn on a lighting circuit when a load is energized.
  • Instant indication of equipment status.

Información adicional

Peso1 lbs
Dimensiones3.5 x 2.25 x 1.25 in