RIKXX-V-3 Three Channel 0-5Vdc/0-10Vdc

Descripción del Producto

Aim Dynamics carries the RIKXX-V-3 from Accuenergy. This RIK (Rogowski Integrator Kit) offers users an easy-to-install, plug-n-play solution for use with any power meter or other equipment that accepts a 0-5V or 0-10V nominal current input. The V Rogowski Integrator will allow the installation of Rogowski coil CTs in a variety of applications where standard CTs may not fit.

The 0-5V flexible coil integrator kit is designed with three independent channels of 0-5V or 0-10V outputs, plus a sum output channel and Accuenergy flexible Rogowski coil current sensor.

This kit includes three Rogowski coils customized for each order.

The RIK comes in a variety of models. You can see them below.

Rogowski Coil Benefits

Rogowski Coils are high-specification flexible current transformers that are ideal for use when space is limited. The flexible form factor of a Rogowski Coil means they easily fit into tight panels and come in a range of sizes to suit most installations.

Like standard split core transformers, Rogowski coils can be easily integrated into existing panels without having to cut any lines.

All RIK units include the required 24Vdc power supply

Información adicional

Rogowski Coil Length/Diameter Size

15.75in (400mm)/4.17in (106mm), 23.62in (600mm)/7.01in (178m), 35.43in (900mm)/10.67in (271mm), 47.24in (1200mm)/14.53in (369mm)