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G2Z by Tele Haase

Manufacturer: Tele Haase
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
FunctionalityFlasher, Maintained Single Shot Leading Edge And Trailing Edge, Maintained Single Shot Leading Edge, Maintained Single Shot Trailing Edge, OFF Delay w/Control Contact, OFF Delay w/Control Input, OFF Delay Without Auxiliary Voltage, ON Delay, ON Delay w/Control Contact, ON delay with control input, Single shot leading edge voltage controlled, Single Shot Leading Edge w/Control Contact, Single Shot Leading Edge w/Control Input, Single Shot Trailing Edge w/Control Contact, Single Shot Trailing Edge w/Control Input, Star-Delta Start-Up Timer


  • Tele Haase G2ZA20 10MIN 24-240V AC/DC Multifunction Timer Relay has 5 Functions, 4 Time Ranges, DPDT/2CO contact and a Wide Input Voltage Range


  • Tele Haase G2ZM20 12-240VAC/DC Multifunction Timer Relay has 8 Functions, 7 Time Ranges, DPDT/2CO contact and Wide supply voltage range


  • Tele Haase G2ZMF11 24-240VAC/DC Multifunction Timer Relay has 16 Functions, 16 Time Ranges, DPDT/2CO contact and Zoom Voltage


  • Tele Haase G2ZS20 24-240VAC/DC Star-Delta start-up Relay has 4 Start Up Time Ranges, DPDT/2CO contact and Zoom voltage 24 to 240V AC/DC