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JRFS-A/S Rogowski Coil by J&D

Manufacturer: J&D
SKU: JRFS-x Coil
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Input Rating (A)2000, 4000, 6000
Input TypeAC
Ratio100mV/kA@50Hz, 120mV/kA@60Hz, 333mV/kA@50Hz, 399.6mV/kA@60Hz
Opening (greatest dim.)4.7 in (120 mm), 7.5 in (190 mm), 12 in (305 mm)
Shape/StyleFlexible/Rope Coil
Error %1


The JRFS-xxxA-y and JRFS-xxxS-y  Clamp-on Flexible Rogowski coils have been designed for accurate measurement of wide ranges of AC current, pulsed DC current or distorted waveforms. Coils with integrators are available by entering "JRFS-x Coil & Integrator" into the Search Store Box

  • The coils feature tight windings that result in a very thin coil
  • Applications
    • Very high current monitoring
    • DC ripple measurement
    • Harmonics and transients monitoring
    • Power monitoring & control systems
    • Applicable in electronic watt-hour meter
  • Features
    • AC current probe utility by the Rogowski principle
    • Flexible and lightweight
    • Easy & quick installation on uninterruptible power line
    • No danger from open-circuited secondary
    • High secondary output voltage & precise linearity error
    • Isolated plastic case recognized according to UL94-V0


JRFS-xxxA           RATIO 100mV(50Hz) [120mV(60Hz)] 1 kA

Part NoOpening (mm) Input Rating (A)
JRFS-120A120500A ~ 2kA
JRFS-190A1901kA ~ 4kA
JRFS-305A3052kA ~ 6kA


JRFS-xxxS           RATIO 333mV(50Hz) [399.6mV(60Hz)] 1kA

Part NoOpening (mm) Input Rating (A)
JRFS-120S120500A ~ 2kA
JRFS-190S1901kA ~ 4kA
JRFS-305S3052kA ~ 6kA