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Packet Power Wireless Multi-Circuit Monitors Leverage Aim Dynamics’ Rogowski Coils

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Critical facilities have a wide range of monitoring needs. Packet Power offers multi-circuit power monitoring that can provide an exact match to the amount of metering each job requires. Packet Power utilizes Rogowski coils from Aim Dynamics when space is tight or the circuits are particularly large. This has helped NFL stadiums, college campuses, data centers and other sites find an affordable solution to their needs.

Packet Power has helped facilities managers:

  • Optimize HVAC system.
  • Trigger alerts when generators kick on.
  • Allocate energy costs based on tenant usage.
  • Prioritize energy efficiency efforts across buildings in a campus.
  • Help an event center avoid costly peak-load rates.
  • Calculate and track PUE in data centers.

Packet Power’s multi-circuit monitoring system offers the ability to monitor from one to eighteen circuits and combine full power and current-only monitoring. Each monitor is customized to match a customer’s exact needs including:

  • Voltage source type and quantity
  • Voltage lead colors and length
  • Wire exit location
  • Over-current protection
  • CT type, rating and quantity

This makes the monitors ready to install, reducing installation costs by half.

Rogowski coils, sometimes referred to as “flexible CTs”, are used when conventional CTs won’t work. But not all Rogowski coils are made with the same attention to quality as the manufacturing process is intricate and requires comprehensive testing. Packet Power selected Aim Dynamics for Rogowski coils because of their product range, quality, competitive pricing, and strong customer support. 

About Packet Power
Packet Power offers wireless power and environmental monitors that can be used throughout a facility and use a unique wireless protocol that makes them easier to install, easier to operate, and more secure than competing solutions. Packet Power’s wireless protocol is proven to work in data centers and other critical facilities run by major financial services firms, government agencies, educational institutions and colo companies worldwide. Packet Power works closely with expert partners to provide responsive support in Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa and Australia.

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