Preconfigured, Plug-n-Play eGauge DC Monitoring Bundle, Up to 30 DC Measurements

DC Monitoring has never been so easy, or so inexpensive!
With this bundled kit, you can install and setup a DC monitoring system quicker than ever.

Monitor up to 30 DC current inputs OR 30 DC voltage inputs OR any combination in between, e.g. 15 current inputs and 15 voltage inputs, OR even a mixture of AC and DC.
Modbus, BACnet and HTTP communication available.
Enclosure, cellular router and circuit breaker options available.
Monitor up to 30 DC Voltage or Current Measurements, starting
at just $549 USD! *

So how do you get started?
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How is such goodness possible?

We preconfigure up to 30 channels on the eGauge Pro, or up to 15 channels on the eGauge Core, to monitor DC current or DC voltage or AC current or AC voltage or any combination of these.  Aim Dynamics manufacturers both the Hall Effect current sensors, the DC voltage sensors and all the conversion equipment needed to be fully compatible with the eGauge meters.  The system comes with pre-installed monitoring software (no monthly fee). The 30 data points you monitor can be stored up to 30 years!

Each channel is isolated and configured to meet your needs.  For example, you can calculate power from any current input or any voltage input, or you can aggregate across channels.  Want to measure each solar string’s voltage, current and power production?  No problem.  Oh, and you want to aggregate each solar string into a total?  Not a problem. We will configure that for you too.
​​​​​​​The AIMH series of Hall Effect current sensor comes in two sizes: 21mm opening and 40mm opening.  The 21mm opening is available in a 50A, 100A, or 200A current rating (and measures either AC or DC).  The 40mm opening is available in 500A, 800A or 1000A ratings.  When measuring DC current, the measurement is bidirectional, making it ideal for situations (such as batteries) where the flow of current can go in either direction.  If you need to measure more than 1000A, let us know and we have other solutions available.
The Tualatin Valley Labs DC1-0.5 and DC10-0.5 voltage transducers, which are manufactured by Aim Dynamics, measure up to 1500Vdc or 150Vdc, respectively.  Each unit is designed to be DIN-rail mounted, allowing for an easy installation next to your eGauge device.
And if it couldn’t get any better, we also offer a fully-assembled NEMA 4X rated enclosure option!  Need to power equipment from an AC source?  Yup, we can do that.  Need to step down an AC voltage before powering a 120V outlet?  Got it, we do that too.  Need a robust industrial cellular router included?  We have those in-stock and ready to include.

We seriously want you (or your contractor) to spend as little time on site as possible!

* $549 includes (1) eGauge Core, (1) AIMH021-XXX, (1) +/-15Vdc Power Supply, (1) eGauge Software configuration and wiring compatibility.