DTS-307-34-SM-N-N by Measurlogic

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Categories Power Meters
Manufacturer/Brand Measurlogic
Series DTS-307
Phase Config 1P3W, 1P2W, 3P4W
Power Type AC
Power Supply 120-480 Vac L-L
Voltage 120 L-N, 208 L-L, 277 L-N, 480 L-L
Input CT Signal 333mV
Comm. Protocol Modbus
Comm. Method Serial MS/TP
# of Inputs 3
Display None
Accuracy Class 0.2
# of Digital Inp. 0
# of Digital Outp. 0
Safety Approvals UL Listed
CT Type (Built-In/External) External
Portable No
Depth (in) 3.11
Width (in) 1.38
Height (in) 4.25
Weight (lbs) 0.30
Standard Lead Time 1-2 Weeks
Warranty 3 years


The Measurlogic DTS-307 is a Class 0.2 revenue grade sub-meter for single or 3-phase systems. The DTS-307 offers DNP 3.0, Modbus, BACnet, SNMP or LonWorks connectivity. It is compact, line-powered and has a versatile array of options for optimal customization, including a selection of serial versus ethernet output, and your choice of DNP 3.0, Modbus, BACNet, SNMP or LonWorks. The DTS-307 DNP sub-meter can be configured with up to 3 pulse outputs, or it can be configured to take up to 2 input pulses and still have a pulse output. See the data sheet for more information on configuration options.

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