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K240F-xx by Greenwood Power

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Categories Medium Voltage Transformers & Transducers, Medium Voltage Current Transformers/Sensors
Manufacturer/Brand Greenwood Power
Input Type AC
Output 3.25V
Probe Length 58 mm
Input (V) 2000V
Output Type AC
Isolation 24000V, 50000V, 125000V
Accuracy Class 0.2 CS, 0.2 VS, 0.2S CS, 0.5 VS, 0.5S CS, 1 CS, 1 VS, 3 CS, 3 VS, 3P VS, 6P VS
Operating Temperature -25° to 65°C, -13° to 149°F
Safety IEC 61869-1, IEC 61869-10, IEC 61869-11, IEC 61869-6
Depth (in) 9.64
Height (in) 17.30
Width (in) 7.79
Height (mm) 440.00
Width (mm) 198.00
Depth (mm) 245.00


Greenwood Power’s K240F-xx Combined Current and Voltage Outdoor Line Sensor has 20kV Input, 300A Input, 24kV, 50kV, 125kV Insulation, 3.25V Output

  • The combined voltage- and current sensor for outdoor installation, is designed according to IEC standards to meet maximum compatibility for the market
  • This product is designed for use in conjunction with devices, which are built according the standard
  • The outer shape of the voltage sensor consists of silicon material to withstand all environmental conditions and sustain long term stability
  • Features
    • No calibration on site is needed
    • Voltage sensor accuracy class according IEC61869-11
      • 0.2
      • 0.5
      • 1
      • 3
      • 3P
      • 6P
    • Current sensor accuracy class according IEC61869- 10
      • 0.2S
      • 0.2
      • 0.5S
      • 0.5
      • 1
      • 3
    • Hybrid casting technology
    • Combined innovative sensor solution
    • Internal screening for neighbour phase electric field immunity
    • Accuracy over complete lifetime

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