Multi-GEM-18 by J&D

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Categories Power Meters
Manufacturer/Brand J&D
Power Type AC
Series Multi GEM
Power Supply 100-480 Vac
Voltage 120 L-N, 208 L-L, 240 L-N, 277 L-N, 400 L-N, 415 L-L, 480 L-L, 690 L-L
Phase Config 3P4W
Input CT Signal 333mV
Comm. Protocol Modbus
Comm. Method Ethernet
# of Inputs 12
Display None
# of Digital Inp. 0
# of Digital Outp. 0
Safety Standards IEC 62053-21/22
CT Type (Built-In/External) CT Input Terminal
Portable No
Height (in) 2.20
Weight (lbs) 2.0
Depth (in) 3.78
Width (in) 2.44
Datalogging No
Non-Stock Lead Time 4 Weeks
Warranty 1 year


Multi Green Energy(Multi-GEM) offers reliable and accurate energy monitoring & management in real-time at electric multiple feeding points. The Multi-GEM 18 automatically provides metering, demand, energy readings and loggings over multi feeding points with Multi-GEM 18 channels monitoring from the 18 feeders for 1P2W, 8 feeders for 3P3W, 6 feeders for 3P4W or any combination of single and three phase circuits. This useful flexibility makes Multi-GEM1 8 to be effective over IDC (Internet Date Center), office buildings, and shopping mall and the other industries. Current detection of Multi-GEM 18 is operated via external current transformers(CTs). Each CT measures and log the current and energy with the voltage input consumed by each of the branch circuits at the electric feeding points. This flexibility allows simple restructuring for electric circuit group with wiring changes. The flexible structure makes an easy energy consuming analysis and electric bill count for a valuable saving of time and money naturally.

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