RCT-350T-000 by Magnelab

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Categories Current Transformers/Sensors, Rogowski Coils (Flexible CTs)
Manufacturer/Brand Magnelab
Series RCT
Shape/Style Flexible/Rope Coil
Input Rating (A) 5000
Standard Output See Ratio
Output Type AC
Coil Length (in) 3.50
Power Type Passive
Inner Width (in) 3.50
Inner Height (in) 3.50
Accuracy Class 1.0
Ratio 70 mV/kA
Error (%) 1.0
Phase Error (°) 0.50
Safety Approvals UL Recognized
Standard Lead Time 2-3 Weeks
# of Inputs 1
Weight (lbs) 1.6
Inner Width (mm) 89.0
Inner Height (mm) 89.0
Input Type AC
Current or Voltage Voltage


The Magnelab Flexible Rope Coil RCT-350T-000 Flexible Rope Coil (3.5 inch Diameter) current sensor measures AC current up to 15,000 Amps.

  • The flexible coil opens at the connector junction and can be installed on an existing cable or buss-bar in a matter of seconds
  • The RCT-350T-000 comes without the integrator, produces 70mV for every 1000A on the primary conductor, when operating at 60 Hz (at 50 Hz the output is 58.33 mV per 1000A) and is Passive Power Type
  • See our RCT-350T-xxx if you would like a Rogowski coil with an integrator (which will output 333 mV at the rated input amperage). The Integrator requires a power supply 12 to 30V AC or DC (not included)
  • This “Tear-drop” style design facilitates installations with limited electrical panel space
  • Electrical performance is equal to our standard RCT-1800-000 Series



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