Compact Current Transformer – ACT-0036 by Magnelab

Product Description

Magnelab’s ACT-0036 is a compact current transformer with a 36 mm opening and 5A output. It handles up to 600A on the primary conductor.

This compact current transformer is available in these ratios:

  • 200/5
  • 400/5
  • 600/5

The ACT-0036 weighs only 0.6 lbs yet can handle up to 600A. This makes it a popular choice among installers. The 400A and 600A versions have an IEC Class 0.5 accuracy rating up to 0.5 VA. The 200A version has an IEC Class 1 accuracy rating up to 0.5 VA. All ratings conform to IEC 60044-1 for the range of 5% to 120% of the rated input.

It is commonly used in these applications:

  • Power meter
  • Switchgear
  • Distibuted measurement systems
  • General Sets
  • Control panels

When searching for compatible power meters, look for meters on our website that accept a 5A input. These meters will show the following symbol as the input:

AC Amperage

You can view all of our current sensors here.


  • Rated input up to 600 Amp
  • Output of 5 Amps at rated current
  • Accuracy Class 3 up to 2.5 VA
  • Accuracy at 5% to 120% of rated current
  • Protection level 6.5Vp Bipolar
  • Frequency range 50/60 Hz
  • 2 X M3-Screw terminals
  • System Voltage: 720 V, CAT II or CAT III 600 VAC
  • UL recognized, CE, and RoHS compliant
  • 7-Year Warranty

Data Sheet

Technical Specs


UL Registered


Made in USA

ISO 9001

rohs compliant

Additional information

Weight0.6 lbs
Dimensions2.75 x 2.125 x 4.25 in