Christian P-4.0/RL/TP/IC by Tele Haase

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Categories Motor Controls
Mfr Part No 490801
Manufacturer/Brand Tele Haase
Contact SPDT, 1CO
Safety Approvals UL Listed
Phase Config 3P4W
Functionality Forward, Integrated Motor Circuit Breaker, Phase Loss, Reverse, Soft Start, Soft Stop
Power Type AC
Power Supply External
Voltage 200-480 Vac
Has LED Yes
Safety Standards CE
Weight (lbs) 0.772
Width (mm) 22.5


The smart motorstarter function is a softstart, reversal and protection of 3-phase asynchronous motors. Overcurrent is detected when the set current is exceeded longer than 2 sec. Direction reversal takes place via relay switching. The relays are de-energised at this. This ensures a long service life.


  • Soft starter
  • Compact design
  • 3 x 200-480V AC
  • 9A load current
  • 1...10s start / stop ramp
  • Forward / reverse
  • Control input R, L
  • Without mains isolating
  • With overcurrent protection
  • 1.6-9A overload current
  • Internal partitioning gate
  • Signal relay ON if status is OK
Your Advantages
  • Up to 6 functions in one unit
    • Reversing anticlockwise
    • Reversing clockwise
    • Softstart
    • Softstop
    • Current monitoring or motor protection (optional)
    • Galvanic separation via forcibly guided contacts with contact distance min. 0.5 mm (optional)
  • 80 % less space
  • Simple and time-saving commissioning as well as user-friendly operation through setting via potentiometers on absolute scales
  • Blocking protection
  • Hybrid relay combines benefits of relay technology with non-wearing semiconductor technology
  • High availablility by
    • Temperature monitoring of semiconductors
    • High withstand voltage up to 1500 V
    • Load free relay reversing function
  • Reversing operation for door and gate controls, bridge drives and lifting applications with monitoring of blockage
  • Conveyor systems with monitoring of blockage
  • Actuating drives in process controls with blockage monitoring
Motor protection (option /TP /IC)
  • The thermal load of the motor is calculated using a thermal model
  • The nominal motor current can be adjusted via potentiometer Ie
  • To calculate the thermal load the current is measured in phase T3
  • A symmetric current load of all 3 phases of the motor is assumed for flawless functioning
  • When the trigger value – stored in the trigger characteristics -, is reached, the motor is switched off and the device switches to fault 8
  • The fault can be acknowledged via the reset button or reset input
  • Attention: The data of the thermal model is cleared through reset or voltage failure. In this case, the user must provide adequate cooling time of the motor
Motor connection (option /TP /IC)
  • In off state or fault condition the motor terminals are isolated from the mains voltage by a 4 pole forcibly guided contact relay
  • The contact opening is min. 0.5 mm.

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