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CST-B14F2-L by Tele Haase

Stock: 30 units
Non-Stock Lead Time: 1 Week


Categories Sockets for Switching Relays
Mfr Part No 180146
Manufacturer/Brand Tele Haase
Minimum Purchase Quantity 10
Series RA, RM
Weight (lbs) 0.12
Origin China
Safety Approvals UL Recognized
Safety Standards CE
Non-Stock Lead Time 1 Week


  • The CST-B14F2-L (ES15/4B) is a socket for RA and RM miniature relays
  • The CST-B14F2-L is a new part number and replaces the ES15/4B
  • The CST-B14F2-L technical specifications are the same as the ES15/4B
  • The ES15/4B was sometimes printed as ES 15/4B

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