DENT Instruments PowerScout™ 3037

Product Description

The PowerScout™ 3037 is a revenue-grade, single-point 3-phase power meter from DENT Instruments. The PowerScout™ 3037 Meter can monitor voltage, current, power, energy, and many other electrical parameters on single and three-phase systems.

All PowerScout 3037 models have a broadband power supply (80-600VAC) and can be paired with a variety of current transformers, from split cores that measure < 1A up to large RoCoils designed for measuring 4000A. In addition, communication protocols are field-selectable. Easily toggle between Modbus or BACnet using ViewPoint software.

Configuring the PowerScout 3037 for a new project is simple due to the standard USB port. To configure, connect the meter to a PC using a USB cable, then use ViewPoint software to select CT type, communication protocol, and other parameters. The meter is powered by the USB port while connected to a PC.  Have several meters that require the same configuration? Save your setup table in ViewPoint and use it over and over.

Revenue-Grade Performance

DENT Instruments PowerScout 3037 features revenue-grade ANSI C12.20-2010 qualified Class 0.2 performance. Paired with the appropriate DENT CTs, the PowerScout 3037 is ideal for high-accuracy applications like demand response or tenant submetering.

PowerScout instruments are line-powered and do not require external power. Its power supply can accommodate service voltages ranging from 80-600V (phase-to-phase). DENT’s patented PhaseChek™ circuitry includes a 3 bi-color LED indicator display that confirms proper CT-to-phase placement and orientation.

Choose from four models: With or without display, and with Serial or Ethernet + Serial communications.

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  • PowerScout meters monitor voltage, current, power, energy, and many other electrical parameters on single and three-phase systems.
  • The PowerScout uses either BACnet or Modbus protocol and features digital pulse outputs. Available with Serial-only or with Ethernet.
  • Positive and negative Modbus registers/BACnet objects allow for the PowerScout to be used on net metering projects.
  • Mix-and-match a full range of Split Core or RoCoil™ Rogowski-style CTs
  • PhaseChek™ LED indicators conrm proper CT orientation.
  • Line-Powered*: 80-600V Phase-to-Phase Power Supply.
  • Data updates occur once every second.
  • PS3037: Revenue grade. ANSI C12.20-2010 Class 0.2
  • PS3037: DIN rail or panel mount
  • PS3037: Optional back-lit display available for verifying setup and checking real time values.
  • UL and CE Mark†

Data Sheets & Downloads

Power Scout 3037 Data Sheet

Power Scout 3037 Manual

PowerScout Specifications

PowerScout 3037 Calibration Stability and Traceability Statement

PowerScout 3037 Declaration of Conformity

Modbus Data Scaling


UL Listed


Additional information

Dimensions9.6 x 3.4 x 1.7 in
Connection Type

Serial (default), Ethernet (Add $40)