Digiware TR Series Split-Core CTs by Socomec

Product Description

The TR series of split-core CTs by Socomec are current transformers for use with the Digiware Monitoring System.  They can be used to monitor from 25A to 600A and come in 4 sizes:

TR-10: 10mm opening, from 25A – 75A
TR-16: 16mm opening, from 32A – 100A
TR-24: 24mm opening, from 63A – 200A
TR-36: 36mm opening, from 200A – 600A

Interested in a size/amp rating other than what’s in the drop-down selection?  Give us a call at +1 (303) 772-6100 or email sales@aimdynamics.com to inquire.

See also our solid-core (TE Series) Digiware CTs as well as our flexible (TF Series) Digiware CTs.

Data Sheets

Current Sensor Data Sheet

Additional information

Size / Amp Rating

TR-10 75A, TR-16 100A, TR-24 200A, TR-36 600A