Revenue Grade AC Current Sensor RGS-0750

Product Description

Significantly improve CT accuracy with the Magnelab RGS-0750 Revenue Grade AC Current Sensor System (of 3 CTs) that uses a patented method to eliminate phase angle errors, while maintaining a small dimension CT. The main benefit of this method is that it also allows the CT to be opened and closed without disturbing the accuracy class of the CT, making it easy to install in existing circuits without the need to shut down the line. This AC Current Sensor System has an active pass-through circuit that improves the +/- 1% accuracy class of a standard Magnelab SCT-0750 to as low as a +/- 0.2% accuracy class. This system can be used for current transformers with rated inputs from 5 amps up to 150 amps.

The Magnelab RGS-0750 uses patented technology to deliver an accuracy class of 0.3 for the C57.13 standard or 0.2 for the IEC 61869-2 standard. The industry standard 0.3333 volt AC output at the rated current is most commonly available. Other output ratings may be available upon request.

The revenue grade circuitry requires a DC power supply that produces +20/0/-20 Vdc (volts dc), with current requirements per the chart below. It also comes with a 10-year standard warranty.

Current RatingMin DC volt*Min Pwr Supp Curr
5 A+/- 2.5 V0.035 A
10 A+/- 2.5V0.038 A
20 A+/- 3.5 V0.044 A
30 A+/- 4.5 V0.049 A
50 A+/- 7.0V0.061 A
70 A+/- 9.5 V0.072 A
100 A+/- 13.5 V0.090 A
150 A+/- 20.0 V0.119 A

*Maximum DC voltage: +/- 20 V

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• Ratings from 5 Amp up to 150 Amp
• Output 0.3333 V at rated current (up to 5 V available on ratings up to 100 A)
• Accuracy Class 0.3 for C57.13 and 0.2 for IEC 61869-2
• Mounting brackets for easy installation
• 0.75 inch opening current transformers
• Operating Temperature: -15°C to 65°C
• Storage Temperature: -45°C to 80°C
• UL recognized, CE and RoHS Compliant
• Optional power supply can be provided
• Covered by Patent No.: US 9053852 B2

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Weight1.25 lbs
Dimensions10 x 6 x 3 in