Toxic Gas Sensors by ACI (Oxygen, Nitric Oxide & Ammonia)

Product Description

The CTS-M5 Series has a microprocessor based transmitter. It uses an Electrochemical gas sensor to monitor a variety of gases. The CTS-M5 Series offers great value since it includes many standard features that can only be found as expensive options in other manufacturer’s models.  A digital display (LCD), push-button programming and on-board meter jacks are all standard. The transmitter provides an analog output of 4-20 mA DC or 2-10 VDC, proportional to the measured gas range, for transmission to the Building Automation System.  The CTS-M5 Series offers flexibility and simplicity in one package.  The relay setpoints may be seen as increasing or decreasing actuation simply by adjusting the deadband relationship. Set the deactuation point above the actuation setpoint and the CTS-M5 will automatically alarm on decreasing concentrations.  Plus, calibration is extremely simple.  First, apply the calibration gas and then adjust the potentiometer to the desired reading on the display.  The CTS-M5 Series is covered by ACI’s Two (2) Year Limited Warranty. Toxic gas sensors or transmitters for HVAC, Building Automation Systems, or OSHA standards. Typical applications: mechanical rooms, loading docks, service garages, laboratories.

  • Reliable sensor performance (Electrochemical)
  • Push button programming
  • Relay option

Technical Specs

Toxic Gas Sensors by ACI Data Sheet

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions6 x 3.33 x 1.85 in
Gas Type

Oxygen, Nitric Oxide, Ammonia


Commercial NEMA 1 Wall Mount, Commercial NEMA 4X Wall Mount, Duct Mount

Relay / Buzzer

None, SPDT Form 1C Relays, LCD and Buzzer

Conformal Coating

No Coating, Conformal Coating

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