V2ZM10 12-240V AC/DC by Tele Haase

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SKU: V2ZM10 12-240V AC/DC


Categories Time Relays
Manufacturer/Brand Tele Haase
Series Veo
Mfr Part No 125100
Power Supply 12-240 Vac, 12-240 Vdc
Switching Capacity 8A @250 Vac
Setting Range 0.05s - 100h
Number of Functions 10
Functionality Additive ON Delay (Ec), Flasher pause first (Bp), Flasher pulse first (Bi), OFF delay with control input (R), ON delay (E), ON delay with control input (Es), Pulse sequence monitoring (Wt), Single shot leading edge voltage controlled (Wu), Single shot leading edge with control input (Ws), Single shot trailing edge with control input (Wa)
Time Ranges 0.05s:1s, 0.15s:3s, 0.5s:10h, 0.5s:10min, 0.5s:10s, 1.5s:30s, 3s:60min, 3s:60s, 5s:100h, 9s:180s
Contact SPDT, 1CO
Safety Approvals cULus UL Listed, EAC
Safety Standards CE
Weight (lbs) 0.19
Weight (kg) 0.100
Origin Austria
Non-Stock Lead Time 1 Week


The V2ZM10 12-240V AC/DC allows for 10 different time ranges, and has 10 features that can be used. It has 1 change over contact and has a switching capacity up to 2000VA.

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