Rogowski Coils

Aim Dynamics offers a wide variety of Rogowski coil products. If you’re not familiar with Rogowski coils think of them as flexible rope current sensors – they’re much more convenient to install, they’re lightweight, they don’t saturate, and they have a nice linear output. Aim Dynamics is one of the largest Rogowski Coil Suppliers in the Americas.

To help you find what you’re looking for, we’ve broken Rogowski coils down into these categories:

333 mV Output. These coils output 333 mVac at the rated current you select, e.g. 2000A/333mV. They have an integrator that “fixes” the phase shift caused by a Rogowski coil in addition to amplifying the output. The integrator must be separately powered.

5 Amp Output. These Rogowski coils output 5 Aac at the rated current you select. These Rogowski coils connect to an amplifier that must be powered. The amplifying unit corrects the phase shift caused naturally by a Rogowski coil.

4-20 mA Output. These coils output 4-20 mA (4 mA at 0A and 20 mA at the rated current). The integrator is powered by the DC loop – the phase shift is corrected by the integrator.

Native Output. Rogowski coils shift the phase of the output signal 90 degrees, and must be accounted for by the metering device (unless you buy one of the corrected outputs described above). With a native output, expect to see a relatively low Vac output for every 1000A on the primary. Native output Rogowski coils are less expensive than the above options.  Note that Measurlogic and eGauge meters can handle native output Rogowski coils (Measurlogic requires the unit to be ordered specially).