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SCT-075H AC Current Transducer Output 0.333V by Magnelab

Manufacturer: Magnelab

8-FT-LEADS-22AWG are (Standard)
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Input Rating (A)50, 100, 200
Output0.333 Vac
Opening (greatest dim.)0.75 in (19 mm)
Error %0.5


Magnelab’s SCT-075H series of revenue grade current sensors meet ANSI class C57.13 0.6 with unprecedented linearity and superior phase angle with rated input up to 200 Amps passing through the center conductor

  • The SCT-075H is a revenue grade current sensor with a 0.75″ opening
  • It transforms an AC input current up to 200A (model dependent) to an output of 0.333 Volts
  • Like the SCT-0750, the SCT-075H has no hinges to break, making it durable
  • It’s unique opening mechanism has a self-locking mechanism and allows for easy installation around conductors
  • This makes retrofitting existing installations simple
  • The SCT-075H has a phase angle <= 0.25° and linearity accuracy ±0.5% from 10% to 120% of the rated input current
  • Frequent Applications
    • Sub-metering
    • Tenant billing
    • Cost allocation
    • Precision Power Monitoring
  • Unsure if you need a revenue grade current sensor?
    • Revenue grade accuracy is needed for sub-metering applications and other times where precision is essential
    • The SCT-0750 is Magnelab’s standard accuracy version of the SCT-075H
    • When using revenue grade current sensors be sure when buying a meter to find an ANSI C12.20 Class 0.5S or better meter
    • The system is only as good as the weakest component!
  • Features
    • Rated input up to 200 Amps (model dependent)
    • Output of 0.333 Volt at rated current
    • Linearity accuracy ± 0.5%
    • Accuracy at 10% to 120% of rated current
    • Phase angle 0.25°
    • 8 ft. twisted-pair lead, 22 AWG
    • Maximum Voltage: 600 V (on bare conductor)
Part NumberInput Amps