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V2IM10AL10 by Tele Haase

Manufacturer: Tele Haase
Availability: Available in 1 Week
Non-Stock Lead Time: 1 Week
Minimum Order Quantity is 1
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
ContactSPDT, 1CO
Input10 Aac, 10 Adc
Supply Voltage12~240 Vdc, 110~240 Vac


Tele Haase V2IM10AL10 is a Multifunction 1 Phase 10 Amp Current Monitoring Relay for 24-240Vdc or 110-240Vac with a SPDT/1CO contact

  • AC/DC current monitoring
  • Multifunction
  • Supply voltage 24-240Vdc or 110-240Vac
  • SPDT / 1CO change-over contact
  • Indicators
    • LED U (green) on: supply voltage applied
    • LED R (yellow) on: output relay energized
    • LED Max (red) on: indication of overcurrent
    • LED Max (red) flashes: indication of tripping delay for overcurrent
    • LED Min (red) on: indication of undercurrent
    • LED Min (red) flashes: indication of tripping delay for undercurrent
  • Functions
    • Overcurrent monitoring (O)
    • Undercurrent monitoring (U)
    • Window function (W)
    • Overcurrent monitoring with latch(O+L)
    • Undercurrent monitoring with latch (U+L)
    • Window function with latch (W+L)