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VS Power relays used for switching larger load output by Elko

Manufacturer: Elko
Availability: Please select required attribute(s)
Minimum Order Quantity is 10
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Supply Voltage12~240 Vac, 12~240 Vdc
Contact1CO, SPDT, 3CO, 3PDT
LEDBlue, Green, Red, White


  • Power relay used for switching larger load output, strengthen or "multiplying" contacts of the existing device
  • In the design 1-MODULE , DIN rail mounting, output status indicated by high intensity LED with choice of LED color (red, green, blue or white LED (possibility to choose blue and white color of LED for power relays line VS in case of minimal order quantity 100 pcs.)
Part NumberContactsLED Color
VS116U/blue1CO / SPDTBlue
VS116U/green1CO / SPDTGreen
VS116U/red1CO / SPDTRed
VS116U/white1CO / SPDTWhite
VS308U/blue3CO / 3PDTBlue
VS308U/green3CO / 3PDTGreen
VS308U/red3CO / 3PDTRed
VS308U/white3CO / 3PDTWhite