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5AS-100A:1A-1.5x1.5(1%,1VA) 100A Input Ratio 1A Output Current Transformer by Sentran

Manufacturer: Sentran
SKU: 5AS-100A:1A-1.5x1.5(1%,1VA)
Availability: 14 in stock
Non-Stock Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks
Minimum Order Quantity is 1
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Input Rating (A)100
Output1 A
Error %1
Opening (greatest dim.)1.5 in (38 mm)


Sentrans Model 5AS is a traditional current ratio instrument transformer that meets C57.13-2008, UL2808 and IEC61010-1

  • This model must be used to measure only pure sinewaves
  • The ratio accuracy of ±1.2% full scale is standard
  • The other accuracy classes of 0.6% and 0.3% are available when a known burden is provided
  • The 5AS series are dual or triple coil square or rectangular construction unlike a perfectly wound toroidal current transformer and installation is critical
  • The 5AS should be installed perpendicular and centered within the opening (window) and never just hang the CT on the top bar (there is now coupling coil at the top bar)
  • Long lead wires will add to the burden load and should be considered for installation and overall system accuracy
  • The 5AS is available in many standard sizes but custom-made-to-order are also available with a wide range of window openings, burdens and input current
  • Lead wires or shrouded terminal blocks are optional when ordered