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A/CTA2 Solid Core 4-20 mA Output Analog Current Sensors by ACI

Manufacturer: ACI
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Input Rating (A)10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 250
Output4~20 mA
Supply Voltage8~30 Vdc
Error %1
Opening (greatest dim.)0.75 in (19 mm)
# of Inputs1


The ACI A/CTA2 Solid Core and A/SCTA2 Split Core 4~20mA Output Analog Current Sensor Series are designed for use in any AC current monitoring application in which you are looking to monitor a particular piece of equipment

  • The “Average” style current sensors should be used in applications where the Sinusoidal waveform has no distortion or noise on the conductor being monitored
  • Applications may include monitoring a resistive type load such as an incandescent light bulb, heating element as well as any single speed linear load
  • Note that the “True RMS” sensors are able to be used in all applications since the “True RMS” current sensors provide the best overall accuracy and should be used in applications which includes Variable Frequency Drives, Switching Power Supplies, Computers and Data Centers, Electronic Ballasts, SCR’s, and Variable Speed Loads
  • For currents monitored above 250 Amps, the CTA2-5 and SCTA2-5 are ideal for use with a step down Ratio:5A Output CT (Current Transformer) in stepping down current in a monitored conductor to a proportional 0 to 5A output signal
  • The current sensors are available in both solid and split-core versions which also includes a Patented (Pat. No. US 7,416,421) 35 mm Din Rail mounting foot for easy installation in panel mount applications
  • The solid-core versions are a great choice for new installations or OEM applications in which cost sensitivity, lower trip points and environmental issues like dust and moisture may be of concern
  • The split-core version of the current sensors work great in retrofit applications and for use on service technicians vehicles since one or two parts will work in most applications and can be easily installed without disconnecting any wires


Part NumberSelectable RangesMeasurementCore
A/CTA2-500 to 10/20/50AAverageSolid
A/CTA2-2500 to 100/200/250AAverageSolid
A/CTA2-50-RMS0 to 10/20/50ATrue RMSSolid
A/CTA2-250-RMS0 to 100*/200/250ATrue RMSSolid

Note*: Only the 100 Amp Range will meet the accuracies over the operating frequency range of 15 to 100 Hz (See Specication Table)