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ACTL-1250 333mV Output Split-Core Current Transducer by Continental Control Systems

SKU: ACTL-1250
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Minimum Order Quantity is 1
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Input Rating (A)250, 400, 600
Output0.333 Vac
Error %0.5
Opening (greatest dim.)1.8 in (46 mm)
# of Inputs1


The patented Accu-CT split-core current transformer technology delivers exceptional linearity and low-end accuracy

  • Developed specifically for solar inverter, variable speed motor drive, and other applications where there are large variations in current
  • The 100:1 turn down ratio of Accu-CTs is ten times better than industry standard CTs
  • The unique one-handed opening and closing mechanism makes installation a snap
  • Square 0.75 in. Window Opening
  • Safe: built-in burden resistor provides 0.333 Vac voltage output at the rated full scale current—no shorting blocks needed
  • UL 2808 Listed meets 2017 NEC code requirements for field installed current transformers
  • IEEE C57.13 and IEC 60044-1 accuracy: over full temperature range and down to below 1% of rated current
  • Exceptionally low phase angle error: essential for accurate power and energy measurements
  • Glove-friendly: easy to open and install with one hand while wearing safety gloves
  • 333mV Output
    • With Option C0.6, the Accu-CT is calibrated and verified to meet IEEE/ANSI C57.13-2008 class 0.6 accuracy and IEC 60044-1 class 0.5 S accuracy and each CT is shipped with a certificate of calibration
    • When used on 50 Hz services, Option C0.6 must be ordered with Option 50Hz
    • Accuracy: ±0.50% from 1% to 120% of rated primary current
    • Phase angle: ±0.25 degrees (15 minutes) from 1% to 120% of rated current; ±0.50 degrees (30 minutes) below 0°C from 1% to 10% of rated current
    • IEEE C57.13 accuracy: class 0.6 from 1% to 120% of rated current
    • IEC 60044-1 accuracy: class 0.5 and 0.5 S from 1% to 120% of rated current
    • Note: The ACTL-0750-250 Opt C0.6 model specifications are valid only to 40°C
Part NoOpening (mm) Input Rating (A)Accuracy %
ACTL-0750-020 Opt C0.620 mm200.5
ACTL-0750-050 Opt C0.620 mm500.5
ACTL-0750-100 Opt C0.620 mm1000.5
ACTL-0750-150 Opt C0.620 mm1500.5
ACTL-0750-200 Opt C0.620 mm2000.5
ACTL-0750-250 Opt C0.620 mm2500.5
ACTL-1250-250 Opt C0.646.5 mm2500.5
ACTL-1250-400 Opt C0.646.5 mm4000.5
ACTL-1250-600 Opt C0.646.5 mm6000.5
ACTL-1250-60046.5 mm6000.75

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