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AcuDC 243 1000 Vdc Input Power & Energy Meter by Accuenergy

Manufacturer: Accuenergy
SKU: AcuDC 243-1000V
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Input Rating (V)1000 Vdc
Current OptionDirect, Hall Effect Sensor, Shunt
CommunicationModbus, RS485
# of Inputs1
Power Supply20-60 Vdc, 100-240 Vac
User Manual


Accuenergy’s AcuDC 243 series of power meters can be used for monitoring and controlling in DC systems

  • These meters can measure a wide range of parameters such as voltage, current, power and energy
  • It supports bi-directional current measurement, digital inputs for switch monitoring and relay outputs for remote controlling as well as an over-range alarming feature for voltage and current
  • Large signals, such as voltage and current can be converted to smaller signal using analog output
  • All data in the meter is accessible via RS485 using open Modbus RTU protocol
  • The large 3 line LCD display also provides easy to read real-time data directly on the meter front
    • DC Energy Management Systems
    • Power Distribution for Telecommunication Room
    • Solar Photovoltaic Systems
    • Industrial DC Control Systems
    • Metallurgy and Electroplating Industries
    • Wind Power Generation
    • DC Excitation Systems
    • Light Rail Transit Systems
    • EV Charging Monitoring
    • Data Center
    • Cellular Tower Energy Monitoring
    • DC power system metering
    • Monitor and control power switches
    • Alarming and analog output
    • Standard 72x72mm, allows for drawer type panel installation
    • Three line high-definition LCD display
    • Accessible with SCADA, PLC systems
    • Easy installation, simple wiring
    • Data Logging: Offers 3 assignable historical logs where the all of the metering parameters can be recorded
    • The onboard memory is up to 4 MB and each log size is adjustable
  • Metering Ranges
    • Voltage: 0~9999V
    • Current: 0~±50000A
    • Power: 0~±60000kW
    • Energy: 0~9999999.99kWh
  • Voltage Option
    • 1000V: Nominal Input Voltage 1000Vdc
    • 600V: Nominal Input Voltage 600Vdc
    • 300V: Nominal Input Voltage 300Vdc
    • 60V: Nominal Input Voltage 60Vdc
    • 5V: Via Hall Effect Sensor (0-5V/0-4V), ratio settable
  • Current Option
    • A0: 0~±10A
    • A1: Shunt (50~100mV)
    • A2: Current Hall Effect Sensor (4~20mA/12mA±8mA)
    • A3: Voltage Hall Effect Sensor 0~±5V/0~±4V)
  • Power Supply Option
    • P1: 100-240Vac 50/60Hz, 100-300Vdc
    • P2: 20-60Vdc
  • I/O Options
    • Blank: No I/O
    • X1: 2DI+2AO (4-20mA/0-20mA)
    • X2: 2DI+2AO (0-5V/1-5V)
    • X3: 2DI+2RO
    • X4: 2DI+2DO
    • X5: 2DI+ ±15Vdc
  • Datalogging Option
    • Blank: No Datalogging
    • D: Datalogging


A0: 0~10AA1: Shunt (50~100mV) A2: Current Hall
Effect Sensor
A3: Voltage Hall Effect
Sensor (0~±5/0~±4V)
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P1-X0-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P1-X0-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P1-X0-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P1-X0-C
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P1-X0-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P1-X0-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P1-X0-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P1-X0-C-D
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P1-X1-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P1-X1-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P1-X1-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P1-X1-C
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P1-X1-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P1-X1-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P1-X1-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P1-X1-C-D
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P1-X2-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P1-X2-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P1-X2-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P1-X2-C
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P1-X2-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P1-X2-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P1-X2-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P1-X2-C-D
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P1-X3-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P1-X3-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P1-X3-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P1-X3-C
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P1-X3-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P1-X3-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P1-X3-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P1-X3-C-D
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P1-X4-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P1-X4-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P1-X4-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P1-X4-C
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P1-X4-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P1-X4-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P1-X4-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P1-X4-C-D
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P1-X5-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P1-X5-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P1-X5-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P1-X5-C
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P1-X5-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P1-X5-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P1-X5-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P1-X5-C-D
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P2-X0-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P2-X0-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P2-X0-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P2-X0-C
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P2-X0-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P2-X0-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P2-X0-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P2-X0-C-D
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P2-X1-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P2-X1-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P2-X1-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P2-X1-C
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P2-X1-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P2-X1-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P2-X1-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P2-X1-C-D
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P2-X2-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P2-X2-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P2-X2-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P2-X2-C
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P2-X2-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P2-X2-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P2-X2-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P2-X2-C-D
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P2-X3-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P2-X3-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P2-X3-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P2-X3-C
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P2-X3-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P2-X3-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P2-X3-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P2-X3-C-D
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P2-X4-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P2-X4-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P2-X4-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P2-X4-C
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P2-X4-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P2-X4-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P2-X4-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P2-X4-C-D
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P2-X5-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P2-X5-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P2-X5-CAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P2-X5-C
AcuDC 243-1000V-A0-P2-X5-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A1-P2-X5-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A2-P2-X5-C-DAcuDC 243-1000V-A3-P2-X5-C-D