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AcuRev 2110 333mV and Rogowski Coil Input Multi-Circuit Submeter by Accuenergy

Manufacturer: Accuenergy
SKU: AcuRev 2110-mV
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Input400 Vac L-N, 690 Vac L-L
I/O OptionCT:333mV, CT:5A
FunctionalityCurrent, Energy, Frequency, Phase, Power, Time-of-Use, Voltage
CommunicationBACnet/IP, BACnet MS/TP, Ethernet, HTTP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, RS485, SMTP, SNMP, WiFi, SNTP
Phase1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W, 3P4W
Supply Voltage100~415 Vac, 100~300 Vdc
User Manual


The AcuRev 2100 Series is the next generation, multi-circuit submeter designed to measure in high-density applications using SnapOn CT technology

  • A multi-circuit submeter is an instrument designed to take measurements from multiple electrical circuits within an electrical panel or switchgear
  • Ideal for multi-tenant billing applications, the AcuRev 2100 is engineered for revenue-grade monitoring of real-time energy consumption and high-precision power quality analysis in commercial, industrial, and residential facilities
  • Measurement Canada certification safeguards against unwanted tampering while support for multiple communication protocols promotes straightforward EMS integration
  • Instead of implementing multiple meters to capture incoming building mains, HVAC, industrial equipment, or other loads, a multi-circuit submeter can collect these energy measurements simultaneously
  • Multi-circuit submeters are also deployed within high-density residential or commercial settings to capture tenant usage across multiple units which can be used for billing or cost allocation purposes
  • Communication Options
    • 485: Serial RS485
    • WEB2: Dual Ethernet, WiFi and Serial RS485
  • Communication Protocols
    • 485 Serial
      • Modbus-RTU
      • BACnet MS/TP
    • WEB2
      • Serial
        • Modbus-RTU
        • BACnet MS/TP
      • Ethernet
        • Modbus TCP/IP
        • BACnet-IP
        • IPv6
        • MQTT
        • SMTP
        • SNTP
        • RSTP
      • Networking
        • RSTP
        • SNMP
        • WiFi
      • Data Post
        • HTTP/HTTPS
        • FTP
Part NumberCommunicationsInputMemory
AcuRev 2110-mV-485Serial RS485333mV and Rogowski Coil Input8MB
AcuRev 2110-mV-WEB2Dual Ethernet, WiFi and Serial RS485333mV and Rogowski Coil Input8GB
AcuRev 2110-mA-485Serial RS48580mA and 100mA CT Input8MB
AcuRev 2110-mA-WEB2Dual Ethernet, WiFi and Serial RS48580mA and 100mA CT Input8GB