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Acuvim II AXM-WEB2 Ethernet/WiFi Communication Module Accessory by Accuenergy

Manufacturer: Accuenergy
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
CommunicationBACnet/IP, DNP3, Ethernet, FTP, Google IoT, HTTP, HTTPs, IEC 61850, Modbus TCP/IP, MQTT, NTP, sFTP, SMTP, SNMP, WiFi
SeriesAcuvim, AXM
User Manual


The AXM-WEB2 module increases the communications capabilities & memory size of the Acuvim II Series meter to a class-leading 8GB

  • With integrated WiFi and dual Ethernet ports, the AXM-WEB2 supports multiple industrial and commercial protocols as well as EtherNet/IP for straightforward integration into industrial environments
  • The simple design is engineered for quick, in-field upgrades
  • Designed exclusively for use with the Acuvim II Series power and energy meters
  • Dual Ethernet ports & WiFi can simultaneously connect to different networks or data acquisition systems
  • Support for multiple industrial, utility, and substation protocols
  • 8GB onboard memory supports 50ms logging interval & stores essential data during periods of network downtime
  • Provides easy remote meter access via web interface that provides a graphical display of data trends & analysis
  • Meets industry-leading cybersecurity standards to guard against unwanted data intrusion
  • Features best-in-class 100ms & 40ms response rate via Modbus TCP/IP protocol to support battery energy storage & other rigorous applications

Accuenergy AXM I/O Support Modules are designed for use with the Acuvim II, Acuvim IIR, Acuvim IIW power meters

  • They add various Input and Output ports
  • -IO1
    • Digital Inputs (Dry): 6
    • Relay Outputs: 2
    • Power Supply: 24Vdc
  • -IO2
    • Digital Inputs (Dry): 4
    • Digital Outputs: 2
    • Analog Outputs: 2
  • -IO3
    • Digital Inputs (Dry): 4
    • Analog Inputs: 2
    • Relay Outputs: 2

Accuenergy AXM Pluggable Communication Modules are designed for use with the Acuvim II, Acuvim IIR, Acuvim IIW power meters

  • They add Support
    • -PROFI adds Profibus-DP (V0)
    • -RS485 adds additional RS485 for Modbus RTU
    • -WEB-PUSH adds
      • DNP 3.0 Over IP
      • Modbus-TCP/IP
      • HTTP/HTTPs Webserver
      • SMTP Email
      • SNMP V3
      • HTTP/HTTPs Push
      • FTP Post
      • sFTP Server
      • Datalogging: 4GB
      • RJ45 Ports: 1
Part NoDescription
AXM-IO16DI, 1 Power Supply for DI, 2RO
AXM-RS485Additional RS485
AXM-WEB-PUSHEthernet Communication Module + 4GB data logging
AXM-WEB2Dual Port Ethernet Communication Module + 8GB data logging + Wi-Fi
AXM-WEB2-FOLCEthernet + Fiber LC Communication Module + 8GB data logging + Wi-Fi
AXM-DINDIN Rail Mounting Accessory