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A/SYPHON Gage Pressure Transducer Protection Syphon by ACI

Manufacturer: ACI
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The A/SYPHON Series has been designed to provide protection for the Gage and Wet to Wet Differential Pressure transmitters from damage in boiler applications where the operating temperature of the steam being monitored is higher than the maximum operating temperature 
of the pressure transducer

  • Three different bend configurations of 90º, 180º, and 270º are available to allow the mounting of the pressure transducer vertically away from the main pipe
  • When mounting the pigtail syphons, make sure that the syphon is fully exposed to the ambient air and not covered by any pipe insulation.
  • The Pigtail Syphons feature a stainless steel construction with ¼” Male NPT pipe threads and are compatible with a wide range of gases and liquids. 


A/SYPHON-90¼” MNPT Syphon, 90º, Schedule 40, 316 SS
A/SYPHON-90-H¼” MNPT Syphon, 90º, Schedule 80, 316 SS
A/SYPHON-180¼” MNPT Syphon, 180º, Schedule 40, 316 SS
A/SYPHON-180-H¼” MNPT Syphon, 180º, Schedule 80, 316 SS
A/SYPHON-270¼” MNPT Syphon, 270º, Schedule 40, 316 SS
A/SYPHON-270-H¼” MNPT Syphon, 270º, Schedule 80, 316 SS