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ATR-5A 3 Phase 5A Output Kit by Aim Dynamics

Manufacturer: Aim Dynamics
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Input Rating (A)500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000
Output5 A
Shape/StyleFlexible/Rope Coil
Supply Voltage24 Vdc
Error %1
Opening (greatest dim.)4 in (102 mm), 7 in (178 mm), 11 in (279 mm)
# of Inputs3
User Manual


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Aim Dynamics' 5A three-phase Integrator and Rogowski Coils Kit provides users with an easy-to-install, plug-n-play solution to be used with any power meters or equipment with a 5A nominal current transformer input

  • The 5A three-phase Rogowski Integrator will allow the installation of Rogowski coil CTs in a variety of applications where space constraints may limit the use of other current transformers
  • The ATR 5A kit is designed around a three channel 5A output integrator and includes with it three Rogowski coil current sensors, and one power supply
  • The ATR 5A and all of its parts are further configurable for the needs of many applications
  • Each ATR-5A Integrator Kit includes:
    • 5A three phase integrator unit which contains the seven configurable CT ratios for each channel
    • Three Rogowski coils that will measure the current (available in an array of sizes from 4" to 11" in diameter)
    • Meanwell MDR-60-24 Input: 85 ~ 264Vac or 120 ~ 370Vdc Output: 24Vdc DIN-rail mount power supply
  • Features
    • Flexible rope-like current sensor, designed to easily fit into panels or busbars where space may be limited
    • 0-5A rated output that works with any power meter or equipment with 5A nominal current transformer input
    • Also has 4th sum channel to output total current from three channels
    • Current sensing ranges from 2.5A to 60,000A to fit all systems
    • Field-configurable CT ratios
    • Individual CT ratios can be configured for each channel and it works in any single phase application with different current ratings
    • Works in both 50Hz and 60Hz systems
    • ATR-120MV have temperature compensation built-in

Part Number

Rogowski Coil


Integrator’s Current Range Settings
Primary Input (A)Sensing Range (A)
5002.5 to 600 
10005 to 1200 
250012.5 to 3000 
500025 to 6000 
1000050 to 12000 
25000125 to 30000 
50000250 to 60000 


Aim Dynamics ATR-120M CoilsInput Rating (A)Opening (in)