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CVT-F08M 15 inch 800A Current/Voltage Transducer Rogowski Medium by Senva

Manufacturer: Senva
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Input TypeAC
Input Rating (V)600 Vac
Error %1
# of Inputs1
Input Rating (A)800
Opening (greatest dim.)4.7 in (120 mm)
Shape/StyleFlexible/Rope Coil


The Senva EM Series of Flexible Split-core Rogowski CVT™ Sensors measure both voltage and current, communicating the data digitally to the meter via plug-in low voltage connections.

  • This allows the meter to remain a low-voltage device
  • Each CVT™ uses digital communication with the meter for superior noise immunity
  • The CVTs™ are individually calibrated and measurement accuracy is independent of the transducer
  • To complement the CVT™, our metering platform offers two meter options (EM-PULSE & EM-RS485) which are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet powerful enough to self-configure during installation, removing all manual configuration
  • Virtually a plug and play BACnet meter!
  • 1% total system accuracy (meter & CVT)
  • For use with Pulse and Protocol Versions of the EM Series Meter
  • Features
    • Digitally calibrated CVTs™ are extremely accurate
    • The accuracy is as high as a calibrated system, yet different CVTs™ can be changed from meter to meter while maintaining accuracy. A big advantage for auditing, since meter is not size specific
    • Plug and play installation - individual CVTs™ are digitally recognized by the meter and outputs are automatically scaled—no user set up is required
    • Digital communication offers superior noise immunity compared to traditional induced low-signal Rogowskis
    • All the high voltage connections are at the CVT™
    • Rogowski CVTs™ are available in 4 sizes from 9” to 36” in circumference and include several rating options from 300A to 6000A and are universally rated for 90-600V
  • Applications
    • Energy Management and performance contracting
    • Monitoring for commercial tenants
    • Activity-based costing in commercial and industrial facilities
    • Real-time power monitoring
    • Load shedding
    • Audits/temporary monitoring
    • Distributed generation