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EVS30 Digital Voltage Sensor by J&D

J&D Digital Voltage Sensor EVS30 Series
Manufacturer: J&D
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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Input TypeAC, DC, Pulsed Voltage
Input Rating (V)50, 125, 150, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000
Output0.05 A, ±5 V
Error %0.5
Supply Voltage±15 Vdc


EVS30 Series Voltage transducers use special Isolation Barrier technology to measure AC and DC or Pulsed voltages and TRMS treatment, the output signal can be standard RMS voltage or current.

  • The primary input voltage and the output signal is highly electric isolated
  • It can be used in Power Utility, Converters, Traction, Telecom, Oil & Gas, and New energy fields
  • Features
    • AC, DC, Pulsed voltage measurement
    • Included primary resistor
    • Good linearity
    • Galvanic isolation between primary and secondary circuit
    • Low power consumption
    • High immunity to external interference
    • Low thermal drift
Part NumberInput Rating (A)Output
EVS30-0050-50mA500.05 A
EVS30-0125-50mA1250.05 A
EVS30-0150-50mA1500.05 A
EVS30-0250-50mA2500.05 A
EVS30-0500-50mA5000.05 A
EVS30-0750-50mA7500.05 A
EVS30-1000-50mA10000.05 A
EVS30-1500-50mA15000.05 A
EVS30-2000-50mA20000.05 A
EVS30-2500-50mA25000.05 A
EVS30-3000-50mA30000.05 A
EVS30-0050-5V50±5 V
EVS30-0125-5V125±5 V
EVS30-0150-5V150±5 V
EVS30-0250-5V250±5 V
EVS30-0500-5V500±5 V
EVS30-0750-5V750±5 V
EVS30-1000-5V1000±5 V
EVS30-1500-5V1500±5 V
EVS30-2000-5V2000±5 V
EVS30-2500-5V2500±5 V
EVS30-3000-5V3000±5 V